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This is a posthumous tribute to Cecil B. Kimbrough, Sr., by his

daughter, Karen Kimbrough, on the 20th Anniversary of his




Twenty years ago, October 1987, my father, Cecil Kimbrough made his transition at 57 years young. He had just retired from New York City (NYC) Transit as a Motorman, spring of 1987. Shortly after his retirement, he was diagnosed with prostate cancer which quickly consumed him. He never really liked going to the doctor so he waited until he couldn’t take the pain anymore, but by then the cancer was too advanced for treatment.


Cecil truly enjoyed life and wanted everyone around him to enjoy it as well. He was a scout leader who was actively involved in a youth program my brother and I grew up in, and he always helped out the neighbors whenever possible. He was a great husband to my mom, a wonderful dad to me, and a granddad to my niece.


Whenever relatives and friends visited from out of town he used to take them sightseeing and taught me to appreciate the value of what I had in my home town. I was his little helper around the house when he fixed things. This comes in handy for me now as a homeowner. He also loved to travel and explore new places, an interest which has also been sparked in me.


He was a great provider for his family then and believe it or not, twenty years later he is still providing for us. When my mother (who many of you have seen me with) developed a blood clot in her early forties, she had to retire from being an LPN. My father took care of all of us from then on as many good fathers and husbands do.


My mother had to come live with me a few years ago because she was diagnosed with Dementia/Alzheimer's and could no longer live on her own. Last year I had to move her into an assisted living facility for her safety and for my health. My father was a Veteran of the US Navy. Veterans have a benefit for surviving spouse. Although my father has made his transition, he is still providing for the care of his wife, the benefit does not pay for everything, but it definitely makes a big difference.


Dad, I honor you this father's day and salute you for all you were and continue to be, even in Glory and Spirit!

Lovingly submitted by your daughter,

Karen D. Kimbrough

This tribute was featured in the June Issue of "The Truth"

Hillside International Truth Center Newsletter - Atlanta, GA.

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